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Aubrey and Josh's Engagement Pictures

Aubrey has known Adi for over ten years, so it was such an honor when she asked us to shoot her wedding next summer to her adorable guy, Josh. Happy wedding photographers are we! We had such a blast shooting their fabulous engagement session in a little nook just by their place on Tujunga Blvd. in Studio City. We’ve been trying to mix up our usual line up of Los Angeles engagement picture spots! From hot dog stands to coffee shops and from alleyways to street signs we covered their hood. Adi and I have been really into nine-ups lately. It started with bubbles, who knows where we’ll take it next! Make sure to check out the last photo I shot where Adi and Josh popped their heads out during the middle of Aubrey’s “ANTM” moment!

13 comments on “Aubrey and Josh's Engagement Pictures

  1. I absolutely love these pictures!! Thank you both so much for doing such an incredible job. I can’t wait to show our families.

  2. Those are great pictures! I think they show alot of character. Great job!

  3. Cat & Adi! What a great series! They look so cute – looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

  4. Pictures look like they came out of the magazine! My fave is the one where she blinks! Beautiful!

  5. Those are the cutest pictures. They look like they should be on the cover of a magazine or book!

  6. Hi! I saw you post at WC, and I thought I should check out your pics. Your pics are very classic. I don’t know if that was the look you were going for, but you remind me of Audrey Hepburn. BEAUTIFUL!

  7. this is Jenn and I really enjoyed the pictures they are very cute. You guys look very much in love and very happy whichs makes me happy too!

  8. loved this idea, looks as though you two are very connected. I am excited for you both. looking forward to meeting you again, Josh and your new fiance, Aubrey. Enjoy this time to plan your wedding. Love, Aunt Lynn