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Cheryl and Mike

How freaking cute are Cherly and Mike? They are my 08-08-08 wedding and I couldn’t be more excited for their wedding. They are getting married at the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angeles in downtown Los Angeles and their rockin’ reception is at my alma mater, USC. Fight On!

The ice cream colors are their wedding colors. Coincidence? I think not.

5 comments on “Cheryl and Mike

  1. beautiful set of images!! cheryl — you look gorgeous! congrats to you both; i know the wedding will be incredible!

  2. Great pictures, as always. But I’m commenting because Cheryl needs to know that she is totally rocking her haircut. I love it!!! (: I think the official term is “HAWTNESS!”

  3. wow you guys look like MODELS!!! Love the ice-cream shot! Can’t wait till the Big day!!!

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